Concept, manage and implement creative solutions in new media - from prototypes through production.

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  • Georgia Institute of Technology1999 – 2003

    BS, Computer Science, Marketing, Pre-Law


  • Consultant1999-Present


    I consult with various award winning agencies and startups on emerging technologies, software trends, digital media forecasting, and mobile advancements. Example Client Work: Fake Love, an Experiential Design company, continually consult since company inception on business plan, market strategies, business opportunities, and exploration of emerging technology platforms. Helped grow the company from bootstrap to 2 million gross revenue in less than three years. Gold Run, a mobile Augmented Reality platform, initially worked with CEO on platform strategy and technology implementation during the initial launch of the platform. Bark Bark, a Production Agency specializing in ad sales, consulted on various client pitches to assess potential digital integration points, budget and time feasibility.

  • Product Director2013


    DE-DE is a product development studio driven by a unique combination of marketers and engineers who build early stage products and grow them into sustainable businesses. I was brought on to lead a startup that focused on the PR space. Originally code named Purple, it was a social media press release distribution tool. After further competitive research and user interviews with both journalists and small businesses we pivoted the product to focus more on providing the small business with the right story for the right journalists. The product was branded as ‘Tailor&Pitch’ and put small businesses in touch with the right journalists with the right stories. Built prototype using lean startup methodologies and continuously tested with customers. Ideated, researched and pitched new product ideas. 
“Selects”: allowed for types of creatives to collect and collaborate on private inspiration boards - a pinterest for teams of designers. It had a subscription based business model with a tiered upgrading for teams. 
“SEED”: a tool for journalists to pitch stories to the public for support and deal with distribution to highly reputable publications - a kickstart to finish for storytelling.

  • Product and Technology Consultant2011-2013


    After working with Nickelodeon in the past and given my previous experience with internal corporate startups, I was brought back onto the team to help with the launch of a new Viacom brand NickMom. When discussions about the new brand initially started taking root, I consulted and helped convinced the team to testbed the brand quickly and easily without much technology overhead to develop the voice and tone of the brand and learn more about our new audience. What we learned allowed us to adjust and mature our product offering, brand, marketing and editorial strategy before doing the full official 360 launch of the brand both on-air and online. While developing the brand I was able to prototype and sell up to executives the concept of Mobile First Responsive Design so our product would be available on all platforms with one development team and be future proof the product for all new unknown devices. This allowed us to cut our development time and costs in half. It also minimize the technological complexity while still delivering on all intended business and ad sales requirements for the brand. I was also able to get executive buy in on restructuring our team in a more traditional Agile management setup so that we would be more easily able to respond to business changes with the new brand. After launch, we had to meet a larger than initially anticipated ad sale for video views and we were easily able to change development direction to support intended goals because of our Agile methods. Given our new support on all platforms, I adjusted team structure and management of QA to implement business driven development automation techniques into the process. I resourced and trained the team accordingly and our QA time went down from 8 days to regression test the whole site to 2 hours. This adjustment in QA allowed us go from bi-weekly pushes to doing daily pushes to production with confidence. We are now able to get quicker feedback and learning from our products and make quicker adjustments in the our product offering based on almost real time feedback. I'm currently working with the teams to structure the site for continual A/B testing of all new products launched to the site and manage their outcomes so that the site stays lean in both code complexity, QA resourcing and usability for our audience. I work directly between technology, product and marketing groups to bring new features on the site that will take advantage of all stakeholder concerns. I've recommended marketing and product changes that once implemented worked together to increase viralality that helped increase growth on offsite brand reach. Our team's work with both Responsive, Agile and Deployment management methods worked so flawlessly for the brand that executive management felt we 'raised the bar' for the rest of the company and efforts are being made to bring the rest of the company teams on board.

  • Online and Mobile Manager2010-2011

    4MM Games

    Two of the founders of Rockstar Games branched off and created a new company dedicated to bridging the gap between the worlds of console, web and mobile. The product offering provided a single game play experience across all platforms. I was brought on to manage all efforts in organizing and directing online and mobile. I worked intimately with design, marketing, community, operations, web development, console, executive teams and investors. I helped align overall vision with budget, time, resource constraints and business goals. While at 4MM I expanded the development team to properly support development efforts and introduced Agile methodologies. Productivity was able to be measured and adjusted based on business needs immediately - turnaround time of production ready product enhancements went from months to just two weeks. Promptly hired and trained operations and analytics resources that were used to monitor, inform and drive business decisions. Built, maintained and managed with executives the roadmap for all products based on data analysis and business goals. Prior to products launching I worked with marketing, community and design to create production schedules to support all content needs for the site. Created presentations and pitched new development opportunities directly to VC's to gain further business support.

  • Tech Lead2007-2010


    Nickelodeon's first efforts in the parenting space were with the brand ParentsConnect. I was initially brought on to help integrate and re-launch an acquired site Go City Kids - considered to be the Yelp for parents - as ParentsConnect Local. I managed the development and technology migration to a more standard technology stack with a team of 3-5 developers. In addition to re-platforming we were able build upon the city information offering to include neighborhood for the product launch. Once launched and matured, I was rolled onto the main ParentsConnect brand to help in migrating it's technology stack from an old proprietary technology to an open source technology stack that we used for Go City Kids migration, leading a team of 6-8 developers in this transition. These migrations were carried on all while continually working with the business in delivering new feature sets for the site both in house and with 3rd party vendors.

  • Technical Manager, Tech Lead, Software Engineer2004-2008

    Turner Broadcasting

    I was brought on initially as a consultant to help build and structure the internal corporate project management application after my experience in helping Delta Airlines with theirs. I went on to manage and maintain Cartoon Network's Cartoon Orbit multiplayer gaming application. After the application's sunset phase I led the 2005 redesign of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim's e-commerce systems with a 3rd party vendor. I then worked with an internal team to develop from scratch a reusable online community application that could be used across brands for the company. Our initial internal client was the launch Adult Swim online community for fans. Given my prior team management background, we were able to use our team as the first to testbed and deliver software using Agile methodologies within Turner and those methods were then adapted by various other teams within the company. After creating the first online community platform at Turner, I was brought on to an experimental team to create a multi-platform video comedy network that integrated online community. This product was developed and later launched as a new brand called SuperDeluxe. My role was to not only integrate the online community tools, but also integrate the 3rd party video vendor for UGC content. After our launch of SuperDeluxe the the first iPhone was released to the public. Within a week of it's launch, I prototyped, pitched and sold thru to executives an iPhone web app that would deliver our video to the iPhone platform. It was the first of any major online video brands. The prototype was refined and launched to production two weeks later and the project was heralded for it's ground breaking way to quickly innovate within the company.

  • Full Stack Software Engineer and Designer2003

    Digital Envoy

    Worked in team environment to develop anti-phishing application for corporate clients to integrate into their existing security applications. Responsibilities included designing look, feel and over all IA with the client manager, creating specifications and implementation with team. Maintained existing website and marketing materials.

  • Program Management Intern2002

    Delta Technology (Delta Air Lines)

    Helped analyze and restructure company policy concerning project management. Provided information architecture on monthly project reports and executive dashboards. Researched industry standards in project management for informational technology firms. Produced learning materials required to educate employees on company’s new management processes.

  • Cooperative Education - Full Stack Developer and Designer2000-2001

    Objectware Inc

    Developed new standards for documentation that allowed for designers and developers to communicate more efficiently. Led R&D in the field of Palm graphics and WAP programming. Analyzed, designed and implemented custom client applications and was responsible for problem resolution in applications.

  • Graphic Designer1999-2000

    Georgia Tech Cable Network

    Wrote, animated and produced for an Emmy winning online web series “Dr. Staff”. Designed on-air commercials, logos for various projects and worked with on-air teams to align our efforts in delivering a cohesive web/on-air presence.

Technology Management

  • Agile Management

  • Lean Management

  • Behavior Driven Development

  • Test Driven Development

  • Continuous Deployment

Product Management

  • Data Driven Product Analysis

  • A/B Testing

  • Wireframing

  • Usability Research

Programming Skills

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • Spring Framework

  • Processing

  • OpenFrameworks

  • Unity

  • PHP

  • Ruby

Graphics and media skills

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Flash

Design Skills

  • Graphic Design

  • Web design

  • Print Design

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